Saturday, November 15, 2008

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Welcome to Hi-Fi Hymn Book, a service run totally by volunteers that makes FREE pipe organ recordings of Christian hymns available to anyone who drops by the site. You can also check us out on YouTube (over 5 million plays so far)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Free pipe organ hymn mp3s

What comes to mind when you hear the word "HYMN"? For many of us it conjures up memories of dull, boring music we heard when we were dragged to church by our parents. If that's what you think hymns are all about, then we're happy to correct that misconception and invite you to take a fresh look.

Hymns, like any other type of music, can be pretty bad when they aren't done well (and there have been plenty of boring hymns written) but then there are the great hymns. Beautiful. Powerful. Exciting. Words that tell stories about life and death, good and evil, love and hate, faith and lack of faith. Oh yeah... it's also some of the best music ever written!

At Hi-Fi Hymn Book we're passionate about great hymns, and what they represent - generations of people coming together in community to sing about their relationship with God, and we want to make them accessible to everyone at no cost, regardless of their denomination or the language that they speak.

The Hi-Fi Hymn Book sound

From the moment Hi-Fi Hymn Book was conceived, we wanted to find a way to make high quality piano and organ recordings of great hymns available to everyone at no cost. Thanks to the latest in digital technology, and some very creative recording techniques, we've been able to achieve about 50% of the quality we'd like. Our goal is to purchase a higher quality instrument that will enable our recordings to reach their full potential. Whether you're the music director at a church, or just someone who really loves hymns, we want to eventually be able to provide you with spectacular recordings.

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We're hoping you'll want to help us to make FREE hymn mp3s available to churches, missionaries, or just anyone who loves hymns, by becoming a Hi-Fi Hymn Book supporter!

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